1. heft, heftiness, weight, weightiness, ponderousness, gravity; size, volume, mass, substance, bulk, bulkiness, largeness, bigness, amplitude.
2. turbulence, tempestuousness, storminess, wildness, roughness.
3. graveness, seriousness, criticalness, crucialness, importance.
4. deepness, profoundness, esotericalness, abstruseness; impenetrableness, incomprehensibleness, unfa-thomableness.
5. burdensomeness, onerousness, oppressiveness, hardness, harshness, severity.
6. depression, dejection, melancholy, gloominess, gloom.
7. dullness, boringness, tediousness, dryness, Sl. deadness; blandness, insipidness, flatness, vapidness; monotonousness, uneventfulness, humdrum.
8. soberness, somberness, staidness, sedateness, solemnity, grimness.

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